ONES COUNTER POINT [2nd triptych]

Trailer of ONES COUNTER POINT, which is the 2nd triptych of ONES Project is now online on Anne’s vimeo!

Please go check it out 🙂


ONES COUNTERPOINT depicts the inner voice of a haunted woman by crawling under her moving skin.
The interior and exterior are brought together by the three elements of water, wind and earth.
As the lines between movement and manipulation blur, the woman’s calm facade cracks, revealing something dark and mysterious that makes its way to the surface.

In ONES COUNTERPOINT Anne Verheij (NL) and Miku Tsuchiya (Japan) cross the vast distance between the UK and Japan via internet to make their second diptych (the first being nominated at LSFF 2017 for Best Experimental Short Film).
Their two individually created contemporary dance films, made from the same footage, are juxtaposed on a single screen where the soundtrack, especially created out of the field recordings they made in the UK and Japan, bring them together.

Thank you LSFF!

Anne and I  are so thankful to London Short Film Festival for having us and nominated us for the ICA Best Experimental Short Film!

Also, huge thank you to Anne for making this wonderful opportunity happen.

Our third film / final part of the triptych is now work in progress. Please stay tuned!

ONES @ London Short Film Festival and…. !!

Great news from Anne in London!

We are super excited to announce that our first film, “ONES”, will be shown at the 14th London Short Film Festival, under New Shorts: Experiements: Leftfield + Luscious program.


ONES is nominated for the ICA Award Best Experimental Short Film!!!!

The winner will be announce on 14th at the Awards Ceremony.

Sadly I can’t be there at the ceremony but sending prayers from China!


14th London Short Film Festival: NEW SHORTS: Experiments: Leftfield + Luscious

Date: 8 January 2017
Time: 6.30 pm
Tickets: ICA, Cinema 1, London

ONES [two] @ Deptford X Fringe Festival 2016

Very exciting news from London!!

We got an exciting opportunity to present ONES [two] at Deptford X Fringe Festival again this year!

This year, it will be slightly different from last year how we present that you can come anytime during 12-8pm.

If you’re around in London, please come check it out 🙂


ONES [two]
[2 women, 2 countries, 2 disciplines]
a film by Anne Verheij & Miku Tsuchiya

ONES [two] is a double screened video installation that depicts the inner voice of a haunted woman by crawling under her moving skin.
The interior and exterior are brought together by the three elements of water, wind and earth.
As the lines between movement and manipulation blur, her calm facade cracks, revealing something dark and mysterious, as it makes its way to the surface.

This project crosses the borders from UK to China.

24 th September – 1 st of October 2016
12.00 pm – 18.00 Monday to Saturday every 15 minutes
@ Deli X, 156 Deptford HS, SE8 3PQ, London
Part of Deptford X Fringe Festival 2016

‘ONES’ Second Triptych

'ONES' Second Triptych

Anne Verheij and myself are excited to announce that our second part of the ‘ONES’ triptych is in its final stage of editing. It will have a first private viewing in June 2016 in London.

Since the beginning of this year we’ve been editing individually on this second part of the project. The process of this second triptych is exactly same as the first triptych, which we both use the exact same video footage we shot back in Nov 2014, and the same soundtrack composed by Jack Goodwin, we edit our own film individually without telling each other what we did. And just last week, we exchanged our edited films, viewing them for the first time.

Dealing with time difference (London & China) and restricted internet access in China was not easy, but I am very happy that we finally finished our second part of ONES!!

Before this film will have its first public appearance, we thought it would be nice to share our experience of our editing process on this second part of our proposed triptych. So here it is!


My first impression of watching Anne’s version of the film was “Wow! This is so different from mine!” I was shocked by the difference and the fact that our films had almost nothing in common!
My second immediate thoughts were “How it’s possible to put these two completely different films together in one piece?… is it even possible?”
Actually, Anne had a similair reaction as mine. We were both completely in shock. The two films turned out completely different from the first part of our ONES triptych. It was very unexpected and thrilling.

My Notes from watching Anne’s film:

“Repetition, abrupt, directions, focus on the body, movement tells a story, theme developing, body speaking, falling, tensions, emotions, fragments of memories, blank … ” (19 May, 2016)

So the fun part began: looking for the possibilities to make these films speak together.

My Notes from watching the 1st trial of playing the two films together

We first tried to put the two films besides each other, horizontally, like we did for the first part of our triptych. This, however, didn’t work as well as we thought. The two films hardly spoke to one another and it created completely separated worlds.

“My eyes are busy, looking right to left, left to right. I don’t know where to look or where to focus. My eyes zoom in on one film, completely missing the other… This is much too busy. As the scenes kept changing, I was left behind. This way a story kept building and instantly diminishing as soon as I looked away. This left me with no flow and no communication between two films. Separate…” (19 May, 2016)

My Notes from watching the 2nd and 3rd trial of playing the two films together

We decided to try and put our two films vertically, the one on top of the other. Surprisingly, this way worked and our films started to speak to each other.

“The two films started to communicate. Sharing a same world. One film is like a under current, which is always there, holding and carrying: like a container, like an anchor holding you in place. The other film is like a reflection, a glimpse of what’s happening in that current, like a magnifying glass: it focuses, it magnifies the invisible world beneath the surface, it tells the invisible story… 

At first, the two worlds of each individual film seem very different in its horizontal display, hardly able to communicate with each other, but when we looked at it with a vertical perspective, it started to communicate beyond the visible boundaries and in that moment two worlds became ONE.” (19 May, 2016)

This vertical option worked out beautifully, and we both started to see the huge possibilities of where this project is going. At this point we were reminded that what we saw happening on screen was the drive of this project:

2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation

I was very fascinated to see that the drive behind this project is now taking a strong visual form on the screen and I can’t wait to see more!


If you’re interested, please stay tuned!


Anne Verheij Post on ONES Part 2

ONES news

After months of finding new ways to communicate via the internet, Miku and I were able to start finalising the second part of ONES, a proposed triptych.


Now that Miku is based in China we have to deal with the harsher Internet rules and regulations there. Though the time difference is now 7 hours instead of 9, finding ways to upload and download our work and call each other to discuss the process has brought new challenges. The ‘patience’ that is needed in order to produce and develop our work across continents, can at times become a real strain on our working method.

BUT seeing each other’s work for the first time last week made all our hard work worthwhile.

For this second part of our proposed triptych we have yet again worked individually on our own films. As in the first part of ONES, our process consists of carefully choosing footage and sounds together and then editing our individual films on our own, without communicating what we are doing.

By using the exact same video footage, shot back when Miku was in London, and using the soundtrack by Jack Goodwin as our time line, we have created two distinct videos that come together by our binding theme of communicating over a far distance.

The rhythm and focus of both films are opposites of each other. Miku’s film seems to be an anchor formed by a continuous rhythm like a person breathing, where my film focuses on Miku and telling her story by getting under her skin. These very different films come together through a vertical communication on a single screen, where they, much like the title inclines, together form the interior and exterior of a person.

More on the finalising of the second part of this project soon!

Keep an eye out for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

ONES Premiere in Japan

On March 20th, we had an opportunity to present our work “ONES” in Shizuoka, Japan at the Tsuchiya Ballet Work Studio 5th workshop.

Tsuchiya Ballet Work Studio is a Ballet school locates in Shizuoka, Japan, own by my mother, who was a Ballet dancer before. Every year, her school organizes a Ballet concert at  Numazu City Cultural Hall, and this year, she invited us to present our work as part of their program.

We were very excited to present our work in this small town in Japan, where the contemporary art is not so well known.

Out of 300+ audiences, I got one very special feedback from my dearest grandfather, who is a drama teacher, a script writer, and a poet. Although he is not so familiar with contemporary art, especially an experimental film like this, he said

“This is a reflection of reality on today’s society in which people live in their own bubble. I can feel the loneliness from the film.”

It was very exciting for us to have this feedback. It tells us that our work communicated something special beyond words.

Art is powerful

ONES … to be continued to 2016!

Anne and I want to say many thanks to those wonderful people, who came to see our ONES show in October at Deptford X Festival.

Sadly, I couldn’t physically be there in London, however, I joined on the first day of the show via Skype from Japan (Thanks to the advanced technology and Anne for the awesome idea!) and I had such a great time to be there, together with Anne, to present our work to the public for the first time.

HUGE thanks to my wonderful collaborator, Anne, for preparing and organizing this show. She did such an amazing job and I can not express enough how lucky I am to do the project with her. I also want to thank Deptford X Festival, Abeerance and Jobcentre for the wonderful opportunity to present our work, and Deli X for providing the beautiful venue.


2016 is just around the corner, and we are very excited to tell you that we are working on our second part of the proposed triptych ONES. It may appear around March 2016, so stay tuned!

Also, another big news is I recently moved to China! I’ll be flying in and out between Japan and China for the next few years, but I’m hoping to slowly establish myself here in China / Hong Kong.

Here is the Trailer Part 1 from our ONES

Here are some snap shots from ONES 2015



And, here are some sneak peaks for the second triptych.



‘ONES’ @ Deptford X festival

On October 1 – 4 (6 – 9PM), 1/3 of our Project ‘ONES’ will be shown at Deptford X Festival in London UK. Unfortunately, I can not be there, but my amazing collaborator, Anne, will be running a show at one of the beautiful cafe (Deli X) in Deptford.

I am so happy and excited that we got this wonderful opportunity to share bits of our project with the community, and also I am very thankful to Anne, who worked so hard to made this happen! THANK YOU ANNE!

If you are interested, please come and join our borderless joinery of art making!


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation

ONES is a  collaboration between Dutch visual artist Anne Verheij and Japanese choreographer Miku Tsuchiya, in which film and dance are explored across various urban sites in London. ONES engages the spectator through juxtaposing two films created out of the same footage, capturing the individual’s rhythm amidst the pulse of the restless city.

Concept | film | montage: Anne Verheij
Performance | montage: Miku Tsuchiya
Sound design: Jack Goodwin


 Photo by © ANNE• 2015

‘ONES’ WEEK 6 – Editing


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation



WEEK 6 – Editing –

At this point in the project we have reached the editing phase. Before starting our individual editing process, we have decided to clean the chosen footage per location of the parts we don’t need.

Although we had planned to use exactly the same cleaned up films for final editing, we started to notice that too vigorous cleaning is actually the same as editing the movie itself. Therefore, we decided not to clean cut our pre-selected footage together and limit our options, by bringing it back to removing only camera shakes and information / decision making moments while performing.

From here onward we will directly jump into each our individual editing process, to express our individual voice freely.

I think that without this more vigorous clean cutting process, we might end up having two very different films. For the audience, it might cause confusion by giving too much different information at the same time. However, we won’t know until we try.

From the very beginning of this project Anne and I have said that it would be a experiment, thus we decided to dive in and see what will come out. One of the important points is that we want to see how different the film will be, when we edit the film from individual’s perspectives without communicating about it while editing.

As a choreographer, I’m a mover, who explores the space with my whole body by emerging my self in to the environment. Anne is a visual artist, who explores the space through camera lens and frame, putting her body outside of the environment and let her eyes make a composition of the different elements in it.

Therefore, how we explore those locations will be different and the way it affects our editing process will be different.

I found that’s the fascinating and exciting part of this project. I’m very excited to see how different and similar we see, we think, and we explore.

‘ONES’ Week 5 – Start Editing


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation




[16-05-2015 Japan] Miku:

For the last couple of weeks, we were communicating with the musicians, Cassie Kinoshi and Jack Goodwin, about the music for the final film. In the beginning of April, they sent us the demo scores, and we gave them feedbacks: what we like, what we thought, and what we want to hear more. Then, they’ve further developed the demo scores by adding more rich layers of sounds.

They both created such a beautiful, fascinating, exciting score, which I’m looking forward to the final scores we will get soon!

***Huge Thanks to Anne for communicating to the musicians directly in London!!***

Besides music, we started our next step of selecting the clips from all the footages we have. Honestly, we loved all of the footages, which was hard for us to pick and choose.

It was very nice to come back and look at it again, after a long break. It was fresh in my eyes, and found some interesting things happening, which we didn’t recognize back then.

Our next step is to use the same clips we chose and edit the film individually, without communicating the details of how. We are interested in how each of our perspectives as a visual artist and as a dance artist, will affect how we edit the. It will be very exciting to see how the out come will change, since my background and Anne’s back ground is so different!

We were supposed to start editing process earlier, however, unexpectedly, both of our computers (mine and Anne’s) broke down. Therefore, we decided to post pone our process in coming June.

Now, I’m back on the Track! My computer is fixed, and ready to edit!

We will keep you posted on our process of editing, and on up coming work in-progress showing, which we are planning in July (in London).