ONES COUNTER POINT [2nd triptych]

Trailer of ONES COUNTER POINT, which is the 2nd triptych of ONES Project is now online on Anne’s vimeo!

Please go check it out 🙂


ONES COUNTERPOINT depicts the inner voice of a haunted woman by crawling under her moving skin.
The interior and exterior are brought together by the three elements of water, wind and earth.
As the lines between movement and manipulation blur, the woman’s calm facade cracks, revealing something dark and mysterious that makes its way to the surface.

In ONES COUNTERPOINT Anne Verheij (NL) and Miku Tsuchiya (Japan) cross the vast distance between the UK and Japan via internet to make their second diptych (the first being nominated at LSFF 2017 for Best Experimental Short Film).
Their two individually created contemporary dance films, made from the same footage, are juxtaposed on a single screen where the soundtrack, especially created out of the field recordings they made in the UK and Japan, bring them together.

Thank you LSFF!

Anne and I  are so thankful to London Short Film Festival for having us and nominated us for the ICA Best Experimental Short Film!

Also, huge thank you to Anne for making this wonderful opportunity happen.

Our third film / final part of the triptych is now work in progress. Please stay tuned!

ONES Premiere in Japan

On March 20th, we had an opportunity to present our work “ONES” in Shizuoka, Japan at the Tsuchiya Ballet Work Studio 5th workshop.

Tsuchiya Ballet Work Studio is a Ballet school locates in Shizuoka, Japan, own by my mother, who was a Ballet dancer before. Every year, her school organizes a Ballet concert at  Numazu City Cultural Hall, and this year, she invited us to present our work as part of their program.

We were very excited to present our work in this small town in Japan, where the contemporary art is not so well known.

Out of 300+ audiences, I got one very special feedback from my dearest grandfather, who is a drama teacher, a script writer, and a poet. Although he is not so familiar with contemporary art, especially an experimental film like this, he said

“This is a reflection of reality on today’s society in which people live in their own bubble. I can feel the loneliness from the film.”

It was very exciting for us to have this feedback. It tells us that our work communicated something special beyond words.

Art is powerful