‘ONES’ @ Deptford X festival

On October 1 – 4 (6 – 9PM), 1/3 of our Project ‘ONES’ will be shown at Deptford X Festival in London UK. Unfortunately, I can not be there, but my amazing collaborator, Anne, will be running a show at one of the beautiful cafe (Deli X) in Deptford.

I am so happy and excited that we got this wonderful opportunity to share bits of our project with the community, and also I am very thankful to Anne, who worked so hard to made this happen! THANK YOU ANNE!

If you are interested, please come and join our borderless joinery of art making!


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation

ONES is a  collaboration between Dutch visual artist Anne Verheij and Japanese choreographer Miku Tsuchiya, in which film and dance are explored across various urban sites in London. ONES engages the spectator through juxtaposing two films created out of the same footage, capturing the individual’s rhythm amidst the pulse of the restless city.

Concept | film | montage: Anne Verheij
Performance | montage: Miku Tsuchiya
Sound design: Jack Goodwin


 Photo by © ANNE• 2015

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