Month: August 2015

‘ONES’ WEEK 6 – Editing


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation



WEEK 6 – Editing –

At this point in the project we have reached the editing phase. Before starting our individual editing process, we have decided to clean the chosen footage per location of the parts we don’t need.

Although we had planned to use exactly the same cleaned up films for final editing, we started to notice that too vigorous cleaning is actually the same as editing the movie itself. Therefore, we decided not to clean cut our pre-selected footage together and limit our options, by bringing it back to removing only camera shakes and information / decision making moments while performing.

From here onward we will directly jump into each our individual editing process, to express our individual voice freely.

I think that without this more vigorous clean cutting process, we might end up having two very different films. For the audience, it might cause confusion by giving too much different information at the same time. However, we won’t know until we try.

From the very beginning of this project Anne and I have said that it would be a experiment, thus we decided to dive in and see what will come out. One of the important points is that we want to see how different the film will be, when we edit the film from individual’s perspectives without communicating about it while editing.

As a choreographer, I’m a mover, who explores the space with my whole body by emerging my self in to the environment. Anne is a visual artist, who explores the space through camera lens and frame, putting her body outside of the environment and let her eyes make a composition of the different elements in it.

Therefore, how we explore those locations will be different and the way it affects our editing process will be different.

I found that’s the fascinating and exciting part of this project. I’m very excited to see how different and similar we see, we think, and we explore.