Month: May 2015

‘ONES’ Week 5 – Start Editing


2 women
2 voices
2 countries
2 disciplines
2 intuitions
2 rhythms
1 installation




[16-05-2015 Japan] Miku:

For the last couple of weeks, we were communicating with the musicians, Cassie Kinoshi and Jack Goodwin, about the music for the final film. In the beginning of April, they sent us the demo scores, and we gave them feedbacks: what we like, what we thought, and what we want to hear more. Then, they’ve further developed the demo scores by adding more rich layers of sounds.

They both created such a beautiful, fascinating, exciting score, which I’m looking forward to the final scores we will get soon!

***Huge Thanks to Anne for communicating to the musicians directly in London!!***

Besides music, we started our next step of selecting the clips from all the footages we have. Honestly, we loved all of the footages, which was hard for us to pick and choose.

It was very nice to come back and look at it again, after a long break. It was fresh in my eyes, and found some interesting things happening, which we didn’t recognize back then.

Our next step is to use the same clips we chose and edit the film individually, without communicating the details of how. We are interested in how each of our perspectives as a visual artist and as a dance artist, will affect how we edit the. It will be very exciting to see how the out come will change, since my background and Anne’s back ground is so different!

We were supposed to start editing process earlier, however, unexpectedly, both of our computers (mine and Anne’s) broke down. Therefore, we decided to post pone our process in coming June.

Now, I’m back on the Track! My computer is fixed, and ready to edit!

We will keep you posted on our process of editing, and on up coming work in-progress showing, which we are planning in July (in London).